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Mineral Marketing

IRON SKY GROUP INC has allies who provide us first-hand for the marketing of minerals in Latin America
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Commodity Trading

IRON SKY GROUP INC has among its clients and allies to offer everything that is required from commoties worldwide for export

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Bussines Consulting

We have a professional team to promote services, evaluate and analyze the needs of your company and support alternatives for improvement and renewal of work systems
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Bussines Management and Strategic Alliances

IRON SKY GROUP INC has partners worldwide to offer and solve your business.

Alliance is the way IRON SKY GROUP INC has to offer the best service to our clients.

IRON SKY GROUP INC has the solutions that the agricultural field needs.

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Who we are?

IRON SKY GROUP INC, is a company dedicated to the commercialization of National and International Minerals, being for other organizations the strategic support in the supply of supplies or products in current or new markets, Achieving through professional and expert personnel in trade activities, mining , logistics, business management and market research, a permanent connection between business opportunities and potential growth of our clients’ companies, highlighting transparency, honesty, respect and fairness for all the public that interact around our operations and thus as well as the generation of profitability, growth and remained in the market for clients, investors, business partners and clients of our company.




To be in 2025 the Colombian-Canadian company recognized in the international business world as the main mineral trading company and high-value business management, offering the mineral market and commodities businesses through its portfolio of specialized services, focused on mining activities. senior management and operations to develop anywhere in the world.




All activities by the partners of the company and personnel designated by the company IRON SKY GROUP INC, must be framed in an ethical, transparent, honest, respectful behavior, with a high sense of responsibility and human and business commitment.

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